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            Air Hose, Hydraulic Hose, Welding Hose,
            Shandong EverStrong Co.,Ltd  
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            Hydraulic Hose
            Welding Hose
            Industrial Hose
            Suction/Discharge Hose
            Fabric-Reinforced Rubber Hose
            PVC Hose
            Teflon Hose
            Silicone Hose
            Automotive Rubber Hose
            Steam Hose
            Concrete Pump Hose
            Hydraulic Accessories
            Air Hose Coupling
              Air Hose Coupling EU
              Air Hose Coupling US
            NEW PRODUCT
              Hose Guard
              Camlock Couplings
              Double Bolt Clamp
            Hose Machine
            Company Profile

            Shandong EverStrong Co.,Ltd is specializing in manufacturing and exporting Hydraulic Hose, Welding Hose, Air Hose, Connectors in China. With our professional technology and comprehensive strengthes support, We have exported our products to more than 20 countries and enjoy good reputation both home and abroad.

            Our main products include: Hydraulic Hose, Welding Hose, Water / Air Hose, Oil Hose, Suction / Discharge Hose, Concrete Pump Hose, LPG Hose..[More]
              Products Show Air Hose,Hydraulic Hose, Welding Hose Suppliers & Manufacturers

            Hydraulic Hose, Welding Hose, Air Hose and other products by Shandong EverStrong Co.,Ltd are strictly produced as per following standard: American SAE, German DIN, Russian GOST, British BS and Chinese GB. After more than 10 years of hard working and development, Our annual production capacity for hydraulic hoses have reached to more than 4 million meters and more than 2 million meters for various industrial hoses, which keeps a prompt delivery time for our customers. We also provide various fittings and couplings to our customers along with our hoses.

            Welcome customers at home and abroad to discuss cooperation with us.

            Add: ChengYang Industrial Zone, Qingdao, China
            Tel: 86-532-88700930   Fax: 86-532-88700920   E_mail: info@eshose.com
            Copyright (c) 2007-2011 Shandong EverStrong Co.,Ltd.[ICP Record:09002099] All Rights Reserved.     py:seo
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